Wood Pellets Mill in Stock

We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying pellet mills for wood pellets and feed pellets. We also offer full installation and consultation of complete pellet line including crusher, dryer, pellet mill, cooler, packager.
Product R&D
We own a professional team in pellet mills designing, supplying and installation.We plays a leading role in researching and developing pelletizing equipment with wood sawdust, grain straws, etc as raw materials to make wood pellets and feed pellets. The complete pelletizing production line is  characterized by high automatic degree, reliable performance,simple operation and wide application.

World Wide Largest Pellet Mill Manufacturers
1. Our pellet mill:  To buy a cost-effective pellet mill, China is a preferred market for you. There are numerous excellent pellet mill suppliers  in China Mainland.  we are one of them which we shouldn’t neglect. As a professional pelletizing guide, we can provide you complete technology support from raw material preparation to output pellets packing.  For more than ten years’ development, it has expanded its markets to worldwide regions and its pellet mills have a good sales market and reputation in North America, Africa, East Europe, East and South Asia and other countries or regions.
2. CPM Pellet Mill: In the market of America, CPM pellet Machine Company is considered as the largest pellet mill designer and manufacturer. CPM pellets mill are also called California pellet mills and their selling distribution can be divided into three main parts, including America, Europe and Asia. On the other hand, it is well known that the price of CPM pellet mill is really higher than that of pellet mill from other companies though it is with good quality. There are still lots of people who do not have that much capital to buy a pellet mill which seems to be not so cost-effective. For people who cannot afford a CPM pellet mill, there are also some other pellet mill suppliers to choose.
3. Pellet Pros Pellet Mill: As to the pellet mill manufacturers in Europe, Pellet Pros is one of the most representatives. Its head quarter is located in England and enjoys high reputation all over the Europe. Although the company merely has 4 and half years of experience in the pellet making industry, they have already developed a complete product line for pellet making equipment. In general, it is a newly-established company mainly focusing on small scale pellet mills production.
Sales Agent in  Vietnam
In order to serve Vietnam clients better,we already assigned Dong Tien Production Trading Investment Joint Stock Company as our selling agent/ representative offices in Viet nam.

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