Bamboo is an exuberant plant that is widely distributed in districts like Asia, America and Africa. As one of the forest resources, it is featured by fast growth and strong fertility. It has a wide application and high economic value: building materials, musical instrument, art ware, even food. Now, with the development of biomass fuels, bamboo has become one of accessible resources to be processed into bamboo pellets by bamboo pellet mill.

As biomass pellets industry has a great market, more and more people choose to make their own pellets now at home. For those who are accessible to bamboo, turning bamboo to biomass pellets will make you benefit a lot. Bamboo pellet mill developed by Amisy Machinery is such a machine used for pelletizing bamboo. This machine is of reasonable design, compact structure, excellent quality and powerful productivity. Through bamboo pelletizer machine, you can make bamboo pellets easily and freely whenever and wherever you are. You can make bamboo pellets for your own use or sell them to your neighbors.

Why  Choose Bamboo to Produce Biomass Pellets?

As traditional energy resources like coal and gas are facing problem of shortage, bamboo pellets as one kind of renewable energy now develop very fast. What makes it popularized truly is the diversity of raw material and development of bamboo pellet mill. Owing to the special features, bamboo is proved to be one ideal raw material to be made into pellets. Moreover, bamboo pellets have a wide range of application like heating, cooking and industrial steam furnace. In addition, bamboo pellets with high calorific value are generally proper fuel to replace oil, coal and other common energy.

All properties of bamboo pellets could meet the requirement of Pellets Fuel Institute Standard Specification for Residential/Commercial Densified and the gross calorific value could also meet the minimum requirement for making commercial pellets of DIN 51731 (>17500J/g), respectively. Bamboo pellets would be the proposed new biomass solid fuel and had the potential to be development as commercial pellets.

High standard burning calories: combustion heat from 4200 to 4800 kcal, performance can be matched with the standard coal.

Superiorities of bamboo pellet fuel

Ultra-low emissions standards: The various types of emission targets are less than the national [(GB13271-2001) “boiler air pollutant emission standards. It is the best alternative to electricity, fuel, gas, coal

Low running costs: Compared with oil, gas, electric heating, it can save 40% – 50% of running costs. Bamboo pellets is a highly efficient saving energy and environmental protection heat.