According to official data, there are about 235 million m³ of wood stock in Serbia, which is dominated by beech with 73 million m³. Taking into account that the density of dry beech is 0, 58 t/m3 and that beech pellets contain about 10% moisture, it follows that from the available volume of wood residues, about 500 000 tons of beech wood pellets can be produced annually. As the consumption of beech pellet growing greatly, beech pellet machine enjoys high popularity in Serbia.
Why beech pellet machine is hot in Serbia
Beech wood is the fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk from the deciduous trees known as beech. The wood is excellent firewood which is easily split. It can burn for several hours with bright but calm flames. This beech pellet machine enjoys high popularity in Serbia because it can produce high quality biomass pellets at low cost from beech wood, which is readily available in the region.
Working efficiency: beech pellet machine is highlighted with high efficiency and large capacity.
Pellets quality: beech pellets produced by beech pellet machine are more solid and smooth.
Cost- effective: with its long service life and low-malfunction rate, it is really a cost-effective machine.
Combined all these factors together, this beech pellet machine is best sell in Serbia.
How to produce beech pellets with beech pellet machine in Serbia
1. Crush and grind beech logs into small powder for supporting to produce pellets, a crushing machine can be used for that
2. Dry the beech material to be with best moisture content to pelletizing about 11-17%
3. Pelletize the beech powder into high quality pellets with beech pellet machine
4. Reduce their surface temperature and the moisture content for storage purposes, thus you can use a pellet cooling machine
5. Pack the beech pellets into bags for sale, and packing machine is optional
Most promising utilization options of beech pellets in Serbia
Space heating in households and buildings in Serbia
Co-firing or total replacement in district heating plants firing heavy oil or coal in south Serbia, where natural gas is not available yet
Export business: the target market is the environmentally conscious European Union, primarily Italy.