Switchgrass pellet is not only a renewable source of fuel, it is also environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, it recycles atmospheric carbon and creates smaller amounts of atmospheric pollutants, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides, than fossil fuels.

Raw material for making switchgrass pellets
Switchgrass is a perennial warm season grass native to the North American prairie from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. Containing rich alcohol, the switchgrass is even called “energy grass”, so switchgrass has a variety of application in biomass energy. Recently it is mainly used for bedding of stable, grazing of sheep and mulch hay. But switchgrass has been made into pellets as a renewable fuel by technical innovation. Therefore, we need a switchgrass pellet mill to achieve switchgrass transformation.

Equipment for making switchgrass pellets
Switchgrass pellet mill is a machine for compressing switch grass into pellets. It enables you to make pellets freely at any place and any time as you like with a compact structure and small body. The high efficiency and productivity will keep the switchgrass pellet mill produce as many pellets as you need. The switch grass pellet mills are designed with simplified operation and automatic running, so you just need to put the material into the machine, and then you can get the finished pellets.

Process for making switchgrass pellets
1. The best diameter of switchgrass for supporting to produce pellet is 1-5mm, and a wood hammer mill can be used for that
2. Moisture of switchgrass should be controlled between 14% and 18%, you can dry it in the sun or with a dryer
3. Pelletize the switchgrass material with switchgrass pellet mill
4. No direct touch to pellets just coming out from the machine until they cooled down after a little while, and a cooler can be used to accelerate this process
5. For selling purpose, you can also choose packing machine to pack the pellets into bags

Compared with other raw material, the switchgrass pellets will be an available, cheap and easy way for most common people. Switchgrass pellets as one renewable energy resources have been popular in the world. They are as efficient as coal, gas, or any other traditional fuels when burning. With their low cost, you can totally rely on this kind of fuel to heat your house in winter.