Introduction of the combined hammer mill and pellet mill

This pellet machine is a scientific combination of a hammer mill and pellet mill settled on one foundation frame which greatly saves labor and energy consumption. It is mainly used to process materials less than 50mm like straw, hay, grasses, corn stalk, rice stalk, or wood shavings into pellets for fuel or feed use. Just need to put the raw material into this machine directly, and then you can get the qualified pellet. This combined pellet mill and hammer mill can be powered by one electrical motor drive simultaneously.  It is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized pellets production for personal use or workshop.

The highlight of this combined hammer mill and pellet mill

1. The pellet machine is combined with the hammer mill and uses one motor to drive, thus the consumption of the power is lower than the total power consumption of the pellet machine and hammer mill.
2. High efficiency. The processed input material will be transported to the pellet mill directly into the pellet machine, which saves the working time
3. Less land area required. Since the hammer mill and pellet machine are fixed on the same frame, the occupation of the land is highly saved.
4. Most economical machine group, easy operation, and maintenance, long lifetime.
5. Multifunctional, it can be used to produce both biomass pellets and animal pellets.
Operation procedure and tips for Small Homemade Wood Pellet Line

The advantage of this machine is the raw material doesn’t have to crush before processing, you just need to put the raw material into this machine directly, and then you can get the feed pellet. The machine can save time, labor, and cost.
The hammer mill is used to crush the raw material into powder size prior to entering the pellet mill. The powder is then transported directly to the pellet mill via the Cyclone where dust and the raw material is separated and pellets are produced.


It can work better with soft wood and materials with small diameters (less than 50mm).
The material moisture should be about 10 % – 13%, or else you should dry them in the sun before putting them into the wood hammer mill.

Details of this combined hammer mill and pellet mill

a.    Crushing system

The crushing system adopts a hammer mill which can be used to crush the raw material(less than 50mm) into powder size (1-3mm) prior to entering the pelletizing system.
1. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the gap between the hammers and the screen. So processing feedstuff material is also possible.
2. The core part of the hammer flake is scientifically designed to have two concussion parts, thus when one part is worn out, you can turn over to use the other part.
3. Equipped with an air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to a pellet mill for pelletizing.
4. You can change the screening sieve according to different material grinding requirements.

b.    Pelletizing system

The core part—the pellet mill has a roller-driven design that can produce pellets with better quality than other die-driven pellet mills.
1. The rollers are set up uniformly to ensure the stable performance of the machine, and with a bigger compression area, the working efficiency is improved greatly.
2. Screw-center pressure regulating design is adopted, so the die clearance can be changeable to process different materials with good pelleting results.
3. Scientific roller-driven design ensures more powerful compression on the materials, thus this pellet mill can produce pellets with better quality than other die-driven pellet mills.

Parameter data of the combined pellets production line

Material: Wood chips, rice husks, sunflower seed shells, and agricultural wastes.
Pellet size: 6mm, 8mm,9mm,10mm ,12mm
Capacity: 100-350KG/H
Quality guarantee: 1 year for the main body
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