Why Need Wood/Feed Crushing machines
The biomass crushing process plays an important role in crushing raw materials for a complete pellet line. But there is one thing to point out is that before starting the operation you should have a clear understanding of the material size. Then you can choose the most suitable machine for your processing. According to different material sizes, we offer you two kinds of wood crushing machines, that is a wood crusher and a hammer mill. Hammer mills can also be classified as feed hammer mills and wood hammer mills.

 wood crushing machine  feed hammer mill  wood hammer mill
 Wood Crusher  Feed Hammer Mill  Wood Hammer Mill

Wood Crusher Highlights
Wood crusher is an ideal equipment for pellet mill production line which is used to process logs, square blocks, wood staff, etc with sizes less than 200mm (diameter). After the material is crushed by the wood crusher, the output size can be a diameter 3-5 mm which is suitable for further processing.
Wood Crusher  Technical Data

Model AMS-400 AMS-600 AMS-800 AMS-1000
Cutter Diameter (MM) 400 600 800 1000
Cutting Tip Amount 4 4 6 6
Cutting Tip Length (MM) 95 180 260 300
Power (KW) 7.5 15 30 45
Capacity (KG/H) 300-500 600-700 800-1200 1800-2000
Dimension (M) 1.1*0.7*0.95 1.5*0.8*1.2 2.1*1.1*1.4 2.1*1.2*1.6
Weight (KG) 450 700 1100 1350


Tips: The maximum feed-inlet diameter of each model is AMS-400—50mm, AMS-600—100mm, AMS-800—150mm, AMS-1000—150mm

Wood Crusher Features and Application
1. Our wood crusher is composed of a machine body, knife chipping part, crushing part, and sieving part, etc. The advanced wood crusher combines both chipping and crushing in one machine, so there is no need to use a wood chipper for pre-processing of wood logs. The output of this machine is sawdust which can be further made as wood pellets.
2. Adopt Japan’s “NSK” bearing which can guarantee a long working life.
3. Wood crusher is safe, endurable, and efficient. Besides, it is highly eco-friendly and energy-saving.
4. Widely used in paper plants, particle board plants, fiber broad plants, etc.

wood branches wood waste wood sawdust woodsawdust shaving

Wood/Feed Hammer Mills
The hammer mill is another crushing machine for a complete pellet line. It is used to crush materials by the collision between the high-speed hammers and materials. The hammer mill is suitable for crushing raw material with sizes of less than 50mm (diameter). The output size can reach a diameter of 3-5 mm, both coarse and fine grinding is realized by adjusting the gap between hammers and screen then it is suitable for further processing. Simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency, and low power consumption.
Wood/Feed Hammer mill Working principle
A hammer mill consists of delivery device, hammers, screen, rod, and rotor on which hammers are mounted. The hammers swing on the central rotor freely. The rotor spins at a high speed while the material is sent into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by the hammers and is thereby ground and then discharged through screens in a selected size.
Hammer mill blades and screen

hammer mill blade hammer mill screen

Wood Hammer mill
Wood hammer mill is widely used for grinding biomass material like straw, grain stalks, wood chips, and tree branches to be powder of less than 3-5mm, which is the suitable size for making wood pellets.

Model SFSP80*60 SFSP80*80
Capacity(t/h) 2~4 t/h 3~5 t/h
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 560
Width of the chamber (mm) 800 800
Speed of hammers (m/s) 600 800
Speed of rotor (r/min) 2980 2980
Sieve hole size (mm) φ1.2,φ1.5,φ2.0,φ2.5,φ3.0,φ3.5,φ4.0
Motor Siemens


Feed hammer mill
A hammer mill is also an ideal machine for grinding grains like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc which can be made into feedstuff. The feed hammer mill is of tear circle design which ensures a larger space for the grinding chamber and improves working efficiency by 40%.

wheat soybean seed corn powder
Model FSP56*36 FSP56*40 FSP60*30 FSP60*45 FSP60*60 FSP60*75 FSP112*40
Capacity(t/h) 2.5–5 4–7 2–5.5 5–9 6–10 8–13 12–22
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 560 600 600 600 600 1120
Width of the chamber (mm) 360 400 300 450 600 750 400
Speed of hammers (m/s) 86 86 94 94 94 94 84
Hammer QTY(pcs) 20 24 24 44 48 60 40
Speed of rotor (r/min)> 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 1440
Sieve hole size (mm) φ1.2,φ1.5,φ2.0,φ2.5,φ3.0,φ3.5,φ4.0
Motor Siemens
Power (kW) 18.5/22 30/37 18.5/22 45/55 75/90 90/110 90/11