The Flat die pellet mill is originally designed to process feedstuff. Later on, it is also applied to make wood pellets to cater to customer demand and energy crises. Due to its simple structure, small area coverage, low consumption, and competitive price, the flat die pellet mill is more suitable for small-scale industrial production and home use. The electric flat die pellet mill is featured low noise, low energy consumption, and high flexibility.

Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Working Principle
There are two different working ways of a flat die pellet mill: The first one is a stationery template with a set of rotating rollers, our flat die pellet mill for making biomass pellets is of this design; the other is stationary rollers with a moving template, our flat die feed pellet mill is of this design. Adopting the vertical principle, raw material drops down into the working chamber depending on its own weight. When falling into this area, materials will naturally be compressed into pellet form between rollers and die through the die-holes.

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
1. Can process ready-to-get raw materials like paddy straw, sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, wood chips, and many other wastes or solid powder materials.
2. Adopt screw center regulating structure, the clearance between rollers and pellet mill die can be adjusted freely.
3. Flat die wood pellet mill adopts high precision gear transmission gearbox, ensuring a reliable and efficient pelletizing process.
4. The die template and rollers are made of alloy steel. The hardness can be more than 50 after treatment.
5. The electric control system is of international standard, accurate and stable.
6. We supply flat die pellet mill dies with diameters of Φ6-Φ30mm for your choice, meeting your different application needs.
7. Able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently.
8. Visibility. It is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve the problem in time.
9. Small and lightweight which make it widely used in the home, and small farm, also applicable to organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer granulating.

AMSPLM200/250/300 wood pellet mill

homemade wood pellet mill

AMSPLM350 flat die wood pellet mill

small wood pellet mill-350

AMSPLM800 flat die wood pellet mill

flat die wood pellet mill-800

AMSPLM450 wood pellet mill

electric wood pellet mill

 AMSPLM550 flat die pellet mill
flat die pellet mill design
AMSPLM1000 wood pellet mill

large flat die pellet mill

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Specifications

AMSPLM200 7.5kw 100-120kg/h 1000*450*850mm 350kg
AMSPLM250 15kw 200-250kg/h 1200*550*1050mm 550kg
AMSPLM300 22kw 250-300kg/h 1250*600*1100mm 750kg
AMSPLM350 30kw 300-500kg/h 1650*700*1300mm 1000kg
AMSPLM450 37kw 500-700kg/h 1650*750*1450mm 1450kg
AMSPLM550 45kw 800-1000kg/h 1400*750*1600mm 2000kg
AMSPLM800 90kw 1500-2000kg/h 1900*1000*2000mm 3900kg
AMSPLM1000 110kw 2500-3000kg/h 2000*1000*2050mm 4800kg


Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Features
1. Flat die pellet mill for making feed pellets is of die-driven design, which greatly saves electricity.
There is no need to add extra liquid to the powder feedstock before pelletizing, so the feed pellets’ moisture has no changes before and after pelletizing, good for storage.
3. The finished feed pellets are of high hardness, smooth surface, and internal curing, good for animal absorption.
4. It can kill all kinds of parasitic ovum and other pathogenic microorganisms during pelletizing, reducing the digestive system disease of animals.

flat die feed  pellet  mill

small flat die feed pellet mill

electric feed pellet mill

flat die feed pellet mill

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Specification

AMSPLS105 1.5kw 50-80kg/h 700*450*900mm 80kg
AMSPLS120 2.2kw 80-100kg/h 750*500*950mm 110kg
AMSPLS150 2.2kw(22V)/3kw(380v) 120-150kg/h 850*550*950mm 150kg
AMSPLS200 7.5kw 180-200kg/h 1150*530*750mm 320kg
AMSPLS250 15kw 250-300kg/h 1350*650*1150mm 500kg
AMSPLS300 22kw 300-500kg/h 1550*650*1300mm 680


Die Hole Drill and Advanced Design of Roller Shell between Flat Die

flat die hole drill distance between roller and flat die

Flat Die Pellet Mill Dismantle, Installation and Maintenance