PTO Pellet Mill Introduction
PTO pellet mill means power take-off. It is designed to be connected to a tractor or truck so that it can draw energy from its engine. Compared with other pellet mills, it is more flexible and easier to operate; its structure is more compact and its occupying space is lessened. Our PTO wood pellet mill is an ideal choice for farm-use end customers to make different kinds of biomass pellets and feed pellets.  Materials can be used to make pellets including various kinds of agro-forestry wastes such as wood dust, sawdust, straws, stalks, rice husk, medical herbs, bamboo dust, oil cakes, etc.
PTO Pellet Maker Features
1. Be connected to a tractor or truck for driving power, which will solve the problem of electricity transmission, even if a remote-controlled operation is available.
2. Adopt a new design of direct connection of the motor shaft and the main shaft, connected and disconnected easily and conveniently, overcoming the loose defect of belt connecting after a long time using.
3. High efficiency and output with low energy consumption: reasonable and professional design, the machine feeds and presses evenly, and discharges pellets with a low damage rate.
4. The finished pellets are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value.
5. Durable and cost-effective: the core part of the mill-the rollers are made of precise material of alloy metal which makes the roller anti-bearable and not easy to break. 6. Various kinds of pore-diameter flat dies to choose from.

PTO pellet mill & Shafts

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PTO  Pellet Mill Working Principle
PTO pellet mill machine is based on the circular motion of machinery and is driven by a tractor. The major axis and disk mode are driven by gear wheels to produce friction. Under the frictional force, rollers will rotate by themselves. Then the temperature between the roller and the die will increase. Powder materials will gelatinize at high temperatures. Finally, finished pellets will be pressed from molds and their length of them can be adjusted according to the location of the cutter segment.
Tractor-Driven Pellet Mill

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PTO Pellet Mill Application
☆ For biomass pellets: various kinds of agro-forestry wastes such as wood dust, sawdust, straws, stalks, rice husk, medical herbs, bamboo dust, and oil cakes, etc. can be processed into fuel for home heating, cooking, or bedding materials for animals.
☆ For feed pellets: It can process different materials such as corn, maize, grass, grains, molasses, and some other raw materials into feed pellets for rabbits, chickens, dogs, cattle, sheep, fish, and cattle and so on.
PTO Pellet Mill Parameter

Model Power Die diameter Size of die hole Production capacity Packing dimension (cm) Weight
Wood pellets Feed pellets
AMSKL120P 6-10 hp 120mm 2.5-10mm 40-60kg/h 60-100kg/h 57*41*76 70/80KG
AMSKL150P 6-12 hp 150mm 2.5-10mm 50-90kg/h 90-120kg/h 57*44*76 90/100KG
AMSKL200P 10-18 hp 200mm 2.5-10mm 110-140kg/h 200-300kg/h 177*54*98 140/160KG
AMSKL230P 18-28 hp 230mm 2.5-10mm 150-190kg/h 300-400kg/h 77*56*102 170/190KG
AMSKL260P 28-45hp 260mm 2.5-10mm 220-280kg/h 400-600kg/h 77*56*115 200/230KG
AMSKL300P 45-55hp 300mm 2.5-10mm 300-360kg/h 600-800kg/h 77*80*116 280/300KG
AMSKL360P 50-60hp 360mm 2.5-10mm 600-800kg/h 600-800kg/h 77*85*116 310/320KG
AMSKL400P 50-70hp 360mm 2.5-10mm 400-550kg/h 900-1100kg/h 77*85*116 340/360KG