Wood crusher Introduction
This wood crusher is an advanced fine crushing equipment to process raw and fresh wood with a size of less than 200mm (diameter). After being crushed, the output size can reach a diameter of 3~5mm, which is suitable for further briquetting, drying, and pelletizing. The wood crusher can also crush round logs into sawdust, widely used in the biomass fuel and papermaking industry.
Wood Crusher Features
1. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this crushing equipment adopts a self-section design to avoid serious damage to operators.
2. The Wood crusher is safe, endurable, and efficient.
3. Highly eco-friendly and energy-saving.
4. Combining both chipping and crushing in one machine, so there is no need to use a wood chipper for pre-processing of wood logs. The output of this machine is sawdust which can be further made as wood pellets.
Wood Crusher Working Principle
Wood crusher uses blades to cut and high-speed airflow to reduce the wood into sawdust and particles with different fineness. In the process of cutting and crushing, the rotor rotates with the cutting direction of the blade, generating high-speed airflow. The materials accelerate and impact repeatedly with high-speed airflow. In this way, the crushing ratio of sawdust can be increased.
Wood Crusher Application
Wood crusher set cutting and smashing as a whole can smash logs 1—400 mm in diameter. Also, it can be used to smash fiber stalk materials including bamboo, thatch, cornstalk, sorghum stalk, etc.

Wood Powder
Wood Crusher Maintenance
1. The bearings should be injected with oil after the machine working for three to four hours.
2. Adjust the tightness of the v belt after using it for a period, lower 6—10mm is suitable.
3. Clean and examine carefully every part of the machine, if there is any malfunction, repair it in time.
Wood Crusher Specifications

Model AMS-400 AMS-600 AMS-800 AMS-1000
Cutter Diameter (MM) 400 600 800 1000
Cutting Tip Amount 4 4 6 6
Cutting Tip Length (MM) 95 180 260 300
Power (KW) 7.5 15 30 45
Capacity (KG/H) 300-500 600-700 800-1200 1800-2000
Dimension (M) 1.1*0.7*0.95 1.5*0.8*1.2 2.1*1.1*1.4 2.1*1.2*1.6
Weight (KG) 450 700 1100 1350

Tips: The maximum feed-inlet diameter of each model is AMS-400—50mm, AMS-600—100mm, AMS-800—150mm, AMS-1000—150mm