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Scope of Application of Wood Powder Machine

Wood Powder Machine is suitable for crushing the under materials: bamboo, nut shell, Chinese herbal medicine, rind, leaf, wheat bran, rice husk, straws, starch, paper, circuit board, plastic products, chemical raw materials, seawater products, plant roots, stems and leaves, flowers. many hundreds of edible materials.
An ideal machine in the chemical industry, building industry, medicine industry, breed aquatics, and food-making industry.
Brief Introduction and Features Of Wood Powder Machine
1. Model 400,500,800,900 and new model 1020 pulverizers all belong to a horizontal type. Mainly composed of the host machine, cutter head, crushing cavity, milling cavity, impeller, etc.
2. The rotor turns at high speed driven by a motor in the crushing cavity, the materials in the crushing cavity under high-speed alloy blades are impacted strongly, hurled back, cut, and ground, then fine crushed. This equipment covers a small area, having convenient operation and maintenance, and no dust pollution these characters.
3. Water cooling system making grinding chamber keep cool realizing continuous production. Water is recycled. The wood powder fineness is adjustable between 20-325 mesh.

4. We equip electric control cabinets for customers and offer one more set of wearing parts for free.

Model 400 500water cooling 800water cooling/double grinding 800water cooling/double grinding 1020Water cooling
Fineness 20-180mesh 40-200mesh 40-230mesh 40-325mesh 40-325mesh
Actual Capacity for 130 mesh 70-100 kg/h 90-150kg/h 200-250 kg/h 300-400kg/h 700-800kg/h
Rotate speed 3600r/min 3600r/min 3300r/min 2900r/min 2900r/min
Host power 7.5-11kw 11-18.5kw 22-30kw 45-55kw 145kw
Blade Number 18pcs 36pcs 72pcs 96pcs 192pcs
Raw Material Size <30mm <30-35mm <30-40mm <40-50mm <40-60mm
Raw Material Moisture <6% <6% <6% <6% <6%
Whole Weight 1000kg 1600kg 2600kg 3800kg 9000kg
Floor Area 4.5*1.6*3.2m 4.6*1.8*3.5m 7*2.5*4.3m 7*2.8*4.3m 12*6*4.3m